Naples isn't a's a lifestyle

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Why "Neapolitan Stickers is The Way"?

Because the Neapolitan is the right solution in every funny or romantic conversation.

Is there a more romantic sentence of "Te voglio bene assaje"? Like Lucio Dalla sang in the song "Caruso", one of the more known love songs in the world.

Can a word traslate "Cazzimma?"
Can an expression replace a neapolitan "AZZ"?

A single App: more Sticker Packs

Add the stickers packs to Whatsapp to chat with your friends like a Neapolitan.

You can also create a custom collection by choosing your favorite stickers from the different sticker packs.


The Neapolitan Guy

Comm se dice

Neapolitan Sayings

Cos 'e napule

Neapolitan Symbols

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